2014 Mazda3 ‘Dare’ Commercial – What’s the Song?


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The Mazda3 ‘Dare’ commercial celebrates the concepts of creativity, conviction and courage, using historical figures who dared to change the world (and the game) to advance those notions. It’s set to an upbeat, familiar pop song from last year. What is it?

It’s ‘Safe and Sound,’ Capital Cities‘ smash hit. The “feels good” pop song offsets the overall seriousness of the spot’s subjects.

Actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee, the first black baseball player, Jackie Robinson, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright all did their part to change our thinking and perception, which wasn’t always easy given the circumstances of the periods in which they lived. It made sense for the commercial to employ a lighter pop track to accompany material of such weight.

The song appears on the band’s 2013 release ‘In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.’

While at the end of the day it’s just a car commercial, the powers-that-be at Mazda are attempting to change our perspective on cars, thanks to the SkyActiv Technology, the ConnectTM system which helps you maintain connectivity, and advanced safety features which help you avoid accidents. That’s a big change in vehicular thinking, but like Lee, Robinson and Wright before ’em, you have to try.

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