2014 Verizon ‘More Everything’ Commercial – What’s the Song?


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Verizon Wireless’ 2014 ‘More Everything’ commercial may not be all that memorable — like many ads, it features various smiling actors amongst differing stunning landscapes — but the electronic-sounding background song definitely sticks in your head. What is it?

The funky tune is ‘Blue Eyes’ by New Zealand singer-songwriter and musician Ladyhawke. The song, which is full of catchy “na na na” vocals and sounds like something you might hear in Urban Outfitters, is off of her 2012 album ‘Anxiety.’ The blonde rocker has been working in the music industry for much of her 34 years, playing in bands Two Lane Blacktop and Teenager before deciding to go solo. ‘Anxiety’ is her second solo album, and Ladyhawke will hopefully become more known in the States after her viral Verizon hit.

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