98 Degrees Member Jeff Timmons Joins the Chippendales as Guest Performer


Ex-98 Degrees singer Jeff Timmons is joining the Chippendales in Las Vegas for a limited engagement. But before you squeal with delight and buy a plane ticket to Sin City so you can catch a glimpse, we are not kidding about the “limited” nature of Timmons engagement.

Celebuzz reports that Timmons, who turned the heat up in the boy band that also featured Nick Lachey, will not be stripping it all off as a Chippendale. His mother and former bandmates can breathe a sigh of relief now! Timmons will simply be a guest performer and an emcee at the shows in Vegas, which take place at the Rio Hotel and Casino from May 12 through June 5. Turns out it’s the perfect opportunity for Timmons to promote his music, both old and new!

Timmons tells Celebuzz that “they do musical numbers [now].” He continues, “I was asked to come in and, not dance with the guys cause I can’t hold a candle to those guys as professional dancers, but to come in and MC the show basically. I sing a couple older numbers and some of my new stuff, and get some new fans acclimated with my new music. It sounds like a fun thing to do.”

Timmons does have a slight case of nerves about getting on stage with a bunch of buff-bodied dudes. “Well, those guys are extremely well-built studs. I’m just the guy next door from Ohio. It’s intimidating to get up there with them,” Timmons says. “Although, I am really comfortable I my own skin, I think the biggest part of the whole thing that bothers me is that I hope people don’t get the misconception that I’m becoming a stripper. None of those guys in that show are strippers. It’s a very professional show like I said before.”

As for a 98 Degrees reunion, that’s always a possibility, just not at the present moment. “You know, we had talked about it for the first time in a long time a few months back, but we just couldn’t get it together,” Timmons says. “Everybody had different things that they wanted to do still. It’s still out there but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon … But it’s not off the table. Just not right now.”

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