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Barry Sherman was the Canadian business and popularly known as the CEO of Apotex Inc. He was the big name in the field of pharmaceuticals. Forbes also ranked him as one of the wealthiest Canadian personality. His worth is calculated into the billions. He made huge assets from his skills in the medical industry. The pharma billionaire found dead with his wife in the home. It is a suspicious case as no clues are recovered from the place. Barry’s wife name was Honey Sherman. Barry was one of the successful personalities in the Pharmaceutic industry. They belonged to the city of Toronto, Canada and now there is an atmosphere of shock and sad. Apotex Inc is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Canada. There is no one in the race right now. The reach was not only limited to the homeland. Here, in this article we will let you know about the Barry Sherman net worth in this post.

Barry Sherman Wiki Facts

Name: Bernard Charles Sherman
Age: 75 years
Birth Date: 1942
Birth Place: Ontario, Canada
Wife Name: Honey Sherman
Children: Four
Company: Apotex Inc
Died: December 15, 2017
Net Worth: $4.5 Billion (2017)

Life and Career

The business was born in 1942 in Ontario, Canada as Bernard Charles Sherman. He is of the Canadian nationality and has its roots from a Jewish family. At the age of the sixteen, he went to the University of Toronto and graduate from it. He received a PhD degree from MIT. He ranked under the Forbes list of 500 rich persons in the world. Barry was inspired from his uncle Louis Lloyd Winter who owned the largest pharmaceutics company in the Canada at that time. He worked in the firm and received training in the same field. Barry and his wife were philanthropists. They used to make donations for helping Jewish members. They have contributed around millions to the schools, universities and hospitals organizations. The donated about $50.0 million to the United Jewish Appeal.

Wife and Children

Honey Sherman is the Bernard’s wife who is a philanthropist. She proved to be a good life partner and supported his husband during hard time. The couple had four children from the successful marriage. Both husband and wife found dead at their lavish ?3m mansion. The Toronto Police is investigating the matter and we hope that clues will be made public.

Barry Sherman Net Worth

According to the Forbes, Barry is listed into the wealthiest person of the Canada at the position 13th. His worth and assets calculated into the the billions. The Apotex Inc owner and CEO Barry Sherman net worth is calculated around $4.5 billion. The company has its edge-rival in the world. But somehow Barry managed to bring his company at the top position in Canada. The Ontario is shocked by the death news of the billionaire and his wife. They are found dead in their luxurious mansion. They found hanging side by side at their pool inside. He and his wife donated millions to the different organizations. The business now may be managed by their children.

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