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The era of music is still moving with high speed and this could be seen in young generation. As this article is about that one boy who is ruling the internet with his rapping capabilities. The young boy known as Matt Ox is the new sensation of young generation and he has made small crowd of fans with his talent. Matt Ox is young boy of 12 years old and has started rapping in year 2017 and has grabbed everyone attention in short amount of time. It didn’t even took one whole year to for Matt Ox to be famous on YouTube. Matt Ox is most famous for his “Overwhelming” which got more than 17 million views on YouTube. Overwhelming reached 2 million views in just two weeks or even less and made everyone realize this kid is no ordinary. With his growing popularity everyone’s comment on YouTube suggest this kid is going places very soon. Let us know more about Matt Ox Net Worth and age.

Matt Ox Wiki

Matt Ox is 12 year old kid born on 2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He is a young rapper with immense talent. At very young age he started singing and rapping 2014 to be exact at the age of 8 years. The information about his parents are unknown at the article will be updated as soon as we get any information about regarding this. But we do know that Matt Ox father committed suicide when he was only 2 years old. His mother is single parents raising Matt Ox alone. He has total of five songs on YouTube “Athlete”, “This N That”, “Messages”, “Youngest Coming UP” and “Overwhelming” in which overwhelming is his most popular and appreciated song of all time.

Matt Ox Net Worth

For a boy of 12 years old Matt Ox has received immense popularity and success but his net worth still not specified with trustable sources. But we can get some idea as all his 5 songs is hit among fans. Matt Ox YouTube channel has more than 22 thousands subscriber and more than 1.8 million total views which is very impressive for 4 month old channel. He also collaborate with “working on dying” a musical YouTube channel. And with his increasing popularity Warner Bros Records has signed a deal with him. According to Warner Bros Records contract Matt Ox has to work with another young rapper Lil Pump (17 years old from Florida United States).

Matt Ox Fame

With his impressive rapping talent Matt Ox has become very famous. His most popular song overwhelming has got 17 million views in seven month. He is working with 2 YouTube channel in which one is his personal. He has also signed contract with entertainment gain Warner Bros Records. Matt Ox is a young CEO of company Ox Gvng and has decided to stop no more. He has grabbed everyone attention on social media. Many people which are now fan of him twitted about the song overwhelming on twitter with multiple tags Matt Ox. If this does not define success in young age with raw talent than I don’t what else does.

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