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Rap music has always been a topic of great concept among the people of United States and also the African Americans. Rapping basically means rhythmic speech even chanting something. This chat is performed with hi tone beat it sounds using a Beat box. DJing is a very good example for hip hop. Rap is very well used as a synonym of hip hop music. But there is the basic difference between Hip hop music and rap. The Hip Hop is form of strong scratching or rhythmic loud beats, whereas rap is of basically two types it can be with the music or without the music as well. Get know here TK Kravitz wiki, age and net worth facts here.

TK Kravitz Wiki

The Hip hop music is greatly evolving in the African countries and also the American countries from which it originated. With many evolving rappers and singers of hip hop music TK Kravitz so one of the evolving name of the rapping industry. TK kravitz was a native of Georgia. He lived in Georgia and his upbringing was done in Georgia as well.

With the very much common southern rap and contemporary rhythm and blues, he is entered the world of rapping. It must be noted that his songs are much more melodic and also the tunes of songs are much more of song kind than rapping. Also he uses auto tune which creates a sharp sound for him, which is easily recognizable.

With the evergreen usual topic for the rappers, love, money, sex, relationship with people, their own problems he also is no different from the other rappers. He was also a member of Atlanta Rap duo. Also he was awarded by Juicy J, Flo Rida.

He had debuted his singing by the album named by his own name – TK Kravitz. It was a mixtape and was released in the year 2016. He had by that time, signed in more than 300 offers for greater work, most of which are easily legible to us.

Girlfriend and Life

He is famous for the single black “Space”. The fans can also stream his videos on the audio website. Just follow him on the Soundcloud for all the latest music and streaming of the rapper. He created a lot of buzz on the social media accounts. There are many rappers emerging in the industry like Young Nudy, Lil Mouse, etc which are facing same situation and competition in the field.

Tk Kravitz Net Worth

Well, the rapper is quite new in the industry and his worth is not calculated. But he is doing hard work in his field. His recent album was released in 2017 titled “Space”. He came out in the media in late year. His tracks are quite mind blowing which crossed millions of users on the YouTube. TK Kravitz is now indulging into the rap scene of the media. Since, he is rising since over past few months due to his albums. He was born as Tevin Thompson in Georgia. The rapper is not married as information gathered about his personal life.

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