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We are living in the place where we see new talents every day. And we have seen another such talent in singing and rapping. It is amazing that new generation is focusing on talent they possess. YBN Nahmir is exceptionally talented kid when it comes in rapping. His music and talent is making him new singing icon around the globe. His real name is Westbrooks but he is famously known as YBN Nahmir. Just like Rapper 6ix9ine wants to pursue career in rapping, Nahmir also wants to focus his career in rapping after he complete his diploma from high school. It is sure that Nahmir is going very well on his career with rapping and has all potential to be next superstar. Let us know more about YBN Nahmir net worth and age.

YBN Nahmir Wiki

WestBrooks professionally known as YBN Nahmir is 17 years old teenage born at December 18, 1999 in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. Nahmir and Lukas Rieger both are rappers born in 1999. He also known by his nickname Nick Santana. Initially Nahmir was interested in playing games on consoles. Nahmir even decided his stage name with help of his friend Xbox. He used first name of his friend of Xbox Live “Shamir” with the first letter of his name “Nick” which turned out to be Nahmir. He always showed his interest in gaming and never showed any interest in music. But his mind turned around and he started recording songs on Rockband mic. Nahmir recordings got praised and he decided to save money so he can buy Blue Snowball microphone. With new microphone he decided to sing and rap professionally. Since then Nahmir has not stopped singing.

Nahmir Net Worth

Although YBN Nahmir is famous among his fan but Nahmir is still a kid. He started his professional career in 2017 which is not very long for being wealthy. Therefore Nahmir net worth is yet not calculate.His video is going viral like “Rubbin Off The Paint” got 2 million views on YouTube in just 3 days which is impressive. His career also sky rocketed when Chris Brown posted a new music video of YBN Nahmir’s song “Rubbin Off The Paint” on his Instagram account. He released that video on September 29, 2017 which went viral since then thanx to Chris Brown. His first song was Mopsticks which he uploaded to his SoundCloud account on September 7, 2016 which tells it is too early to calculate his net worth.

YBN Nahmir Personal Life

Nahmir is raised by single mother and we don’t have any information on his father. His mother still prefer calling him Nick and never liked his new name although always supported his decisions. Nahmir has dated Daniela Caceres before and they broke up. According to him he is focusing only on his career rather than any relation. He signed the deal to play at Rake It Up Glow Party on October 2017 which tells us easily about his growing popularity. In the end he is still a kid and is attending Clay-Chalkville High School in Alabama. He is hoping to earn his diploma by the end of 2018.

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